Will Fashion Magazines Last?

The launch last month of Porter Magazine has recently made me think a lot of about the value of a monthly (or bimonthly magazine). For those of you that have bought Porter, or though about buying it, you know it costs $10 to pick it up at newsstands. I definitely felt some sticker shock when seeing the price of the magazine last month when the first issue came out, because seriously who pays $10 for a magazine?
What I didn’t think about though was the true value that fashion magazines these days have. I know I subscribe to Style.com and Who What Wear online, but there is something different about waking up Saturday morning and spending time in bed just reading through a magazine. Long articles and truly beautiful printed photographs are missing on the internet and for me magazines still fill that void. So after going through all the rambling thoughts in my head I actually picked up Porter this month already knowing how impressed I would be with the magazine. 
Outside of Porter my go-to fashion magazines have always been Elle and Harpers Bazaar (I’ve also started reading Lucky more since Eva Chen took over!). Each of these magazines has sections that I look forward to every month and that is why I keep coming back to them. I’ve listed a few of my favorites above! With what is happening in digital media and publishing today everyone is questioning whether print magazines will be around for much longer. People thought New a Porter was crazy for starting Porter Magazine in what is seen as a ‘dying’ market. I believe, though, that fashion magazines offer something that isn’t and can’t be found online. 
What do you all think about fashion magazines? Do you have any favorite features that you wait for every month?
p.s Peachy Keen might not be all that active this week thanks to another round of mid-terms and a busy week of internship and admissions ambassador work. Wish me luck!
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