Styling White Jeans in Winter

The rules of wearing white only between Memorial & Labor day may be far in the past, but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier to figure out how to style white during the winter months.

I love a good pair of white jeans during the summer months, but New York winters usually feel too drab (and let’s be real – dirty) to bring them out. But as we slowly make our way to spring (fingers crossed) I’ve been brining some brighter pieces back into my wardrobe and just couldn’t wait to pull out these crop flare jeans – which by the way are wayyyy more flattering than probably any white jeans I’ve ever owned.

After doing a little Pinterest searching and trying on more than half my closet with the white jeans I realized that they key to feeling comfortable this time of year when wearing white is to keep the rest of your outfit neutral. While in July you may want to throw your white jeans on with a patterned blouse and sandals, now is the time to keep it easy with a neutral sweater and brown booties. Also, how good with this outfit look with a cute trench coat? I think I might need one!

PS These jeans are under $40 and a major steal for how cute they look on! They run small so make sure to size up!

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