What to Wear For the Holidays

1: Topshop
2: Topshop
4: Nordstrom
5: J.Crew
6: Rebecca Minkoff
7: Zara
8: Topshop
I love when the holidays begin. I’m completely against singing christmas music until December and I don’t think we should have Turkeys around until November, but once the holiday season begins I love singing christmas carols, drinking hot apple cider, and making pumpkin pie!
Though as much as I love Thanksgiving and Christmas I never really know what to wear. It’s always fun to get dressed up, but Thanksgiving dinner at my house is usually centered around football and a lot of food, so it really isn’t the right time to break out a brand new dress. Christmas is a little dressier, but still not cocktail party dressy. Since I usually want to wear something nicer than just a pair of jeans I usually turn to a pretty skirt or an embellished top. They are easy pieces that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Adding a fun necklace (like the collar necklace above) can make a simple shirt more fun. 
Instead of wearing uncomfortable heels all night at a casual party finding a nice pair of flats assures you will be comfortable and stylish. I love cap toe heels and flats, especially the pair above from J.Crew. Adding a metallic toe even ties in other jewelry you might be wearing. By buying separate pieces like skirts, blazers, and jewelry you can make more than just one outfit and be set for all your holiday get togethers. 
~ Caroline
p.s. sometimes it is fun to buy a pretty dress, thus the dress from topshop above.  
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