What to Buy From End of Summer Sales

OK I know no one besides me wants to talk how fall is right around the corner, so instead of making you listen to everything I want for fall today’s post is going to help you make summer last a little longer.

This time of year it seems like every day there is a new sale popping up with amazing discounts on cute summer items you’ve been dying to click purchase on for the last few months. This is mainly because stores are trying to get rid of all their summer merchandise before their fall collections are released in just a few weeks.

While I always love a good sale I absolutely hate buying things just because they’re on sale. I’ve been fooled one too many times into buying another cute summer top that’s on sale in August only to wear it once and forget about it when warm weather comes around the next year. Y’all know what I’m talking about right?
None of this however means you shouldn’t be shopping end of summer sales! It just means you need to focus on products that are actually worth snagging at the end of the summer, the pieces that you will actually wear next summer instead of shoving to the back of your closet.
1) Classic Summer Sandals – Sandal styles are always changing slightly year to year, but we all consistently go back to some of the same classic styles. I mean Steve Madden has been making this style for years because it is just THAT good.
2) Summer Sweaters – Let’s be real, most of the ‘summer’ sweaters I own I actually wear year round, especially in the fall and the spring. While you only be wearing your summer sweaters on chilly evenings right now, they can become a staple of your September & October wardrobes. Go for classic fits like the long cardigan or crewneck pullover.
3) Denim Shorts – Everyone needs a pair of basic denim cutoffs in their life, so if you don’t have a pair or your current pair is growing old now is the time to check out sales for the perfect pair! Cutoff styles change minimally from year to year, but if you’re worried about how you’ll feel about rips or washes next summer try sticking with a classic pair like these.
4) Business Casual Blouses – Business Casual is often the bane of my existence, but one thing it does have going for it is the consistency. If you’re a college student or new grad now is the time to build up at least a small business casual wardrobe for interviews or future jobs – and you should always buy these pieces on sale! A classic sleeveless or short sleeve blouse for work is something that will never really change, so look for a basic shape in colors or patterns you like during sales. Plus, if you layer with a cute jacket or sweater you’ll be able to wear the short sleeve blouse all year!
5) Basic Tees – First off, you should always buy all your basics on sale, but tshirts are especially easy to get on sale this time of year. Whether you like a vneck, crew neck, or anything striped like me you’re guaranteed to find so many options on sale. And as I learned from my mom – if you find a tshirt you love, buy multiple of it!

Now that you know what to shop for I couldn’t forget to mention a few amazing sales that are happening this weekend!

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