Weekend Thoughts

Yesterday it really started to hit me that summer will be ending soon. Remember all those posts where I complained about summer and wished for chillier temps? Well I’m already starting to regret that. Don’t get me wrong I’m still counting down the days until I leave for school (Only 18!), but a part of me already misses the days at the beginning of summer when there was nothing on my to-do list. 

One thing you should all know about me is my obsession with lists and planning. I prefer to be ready early rather than late and this has made me want to pack up everything for school right now. I have made lists of every pair of shoes that will be coming with me to school and everything (besides my clothes) is ready to be packed in my parents car for the drive to New York. The days until I leave are disappearing quicker than I ever thought they could have and with them Summer is quickly ending. So I’ll be spending this weekend trying to spend time with my family and friends before they are four hours away! Have a great weekend!

~ Caroline
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