Weekend Brunch

Happy Monday all! It’s been longer than usual since I posted (computer problems ugh), but I wanted to share a highlight of my weekend with you all. One of my best friends came into the city for the weekend and since she’d never been to New York before we had to do all my favorite touristy things (more to come on that later!) along with brunch of course. 
I’ve been dying to go to August ever since I saw it on Design Darling in the fall and let me just say it’s as incredible as the pictures look. We were one of the first people there since we were packing a lot into the day and the dining room was incredible. The combination of cobblestone floors and a glass ceiling with flowers around the edges was beautiful and made it feel like spring!
And I must mention the food. Everything was incredible! The iced coffee was perfection and my friend and I inhaled our food (eggs benedict for me and french toast for her). We also both agreed that the french fries were the best we have ever had. 
As the weather warms up slowly I’m getting more and more excited for exploring on the weekends. Hope you all have a great start to your week! 
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