Weekend Borough Hopping

The past week has been a bit crazy, so I don’t have an outfit post for you guys today, instead I’m sharing a few of my favorite shots from this weekend. I’ve kind of been all over the place this weekend starting off in Brooklyn Friday morning for a meeting with my former boss at Dressometry. After my meeting it was so nice out that I took a little walk around DUMBO (easily my favorite neighborhood in Brooklyn) to get take in the skyline of Manhattan. 

While I was pretty boring on Saturday, I finally left my house on Sunday to head uptown to the Met for a homework assignment (great homework, am I right?). A couple friends and I explored the Roman and American wings before heading over to Shake Shack. 
Also, I’ve been wearing my green blazer all. the. time. It’s actually become the perfect layer underneath my peacoat for these semi-cold winter days. Luckily for all of you it’s still on sale in navy at Banana Republic!

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