{Jacket Gap (old), Jeans JBrand, Boots City Classified, Sweater The Limited}

You know those days where it is such a struggle to pull yourself out of bed that you know finding something to wear is going to be impossible? Well I sure do, and this morning was one of those mornings. I don’t think I can claim I’m jet lagged since Austin is only one hour behind Boston but this morning 5:30 seemed way earlier than it usually does. 
On mornings like this morning I usually reach for a comfy pair of jeans and the coziest top I can find. These are the days I usually end up in a flannel or chunky sweater, but I have a new favorite. I bought this cowl neck sweater from The Limited a few weeks ago with a Christmas gift card and I’ve fallen in love with it. I actually don’t think it is the most flattering piece of clothing I own but it is by far the comfiest. The best part though is that on a morning where you are half asleep this sweater is two items, a cozy sweater and scarf. 
I’ve already started looking into buying more cowl neck sweaters… I’m in love. 
~ Caroline
p.s. the leather accents on the second sweater are to die for. 
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