Travel: Postcards from Prague

Happy Monday everyone! After a crazy week last week (lots of assignments, an test, and a very important presentation) I’m finally back. With all of the school work I was feeling incredibly uninspired and decided to take a week off from blogging, but I’m excited to finally be writing something I really care about again. 
Part of the reason last week was so crazy was because I was coming back from spending the long weekend in Prague (Monday was a holiday in Madrid). I planned my trip to Prague to visit friends who are studying abroad there months ago and was so excited I almost killed someone when my flight was delayed. When I did finally arrive it was already dark and I couldn’t see nearly how beauitful the city is. The next morning as my friend and I explored Old Town I think she started to get annoyed with how many times I said everything was so beautiful. I lucked out with a perfect fall day complete with blue skies and the prettiest leaves. The city felt a bit like a fairytale and leaving Monday morning with my friends still in Prague was more than a little sad. 
Prague has easily been one of my favorite cities I’ve visited and yes I know I say that every time I go on a trip, but this trip is one that will not easily ever be forgotten. Extra thanks to my friends who were incredible hosts 🙂
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