The Perfect Girl’s Day

Honestly, this weekend was one for the books and I’m still trying to get myself back into study mode because I’d rather be going back to the weekend. All the fun started Saturday as I attended and spoke at Lovely Happenings spring event. 
I had the chance to speak on a fashion panel along with Allie, Melanie, Mollie, and Christine and while I was definitely nervous beforehand it ended up being so much fun! We talked about everything from our obsession with tassels and off the shoulder pieces to our favorite spots in the city (thats how I learned about the mini golf spot I went to the next day). It was a surprise to both myself and Dana that I didn’t wearing black or talk about my leather jacket obsession the whole time. Instead I touched on a few of my go-to investment pieces such as a good pair of denim and my favorite fall jacket (it’s one of those pieces I wear all.the.time., but you never see on the blog). Each of the other girls had great ideas for how to transition looks from day to night (throw a blazer over a semi-scandalous top) and the best spots to eat in the city. Now I’m dying to try out Rosie’s in the East Village!
After the panel I spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the other booths at the event! A few of my favorites were Bitches Be Gluten Free, Melanie’s homemade face scrubs, and Lexicon of Style‘s beautiful scarves! Between snapping photos, snacking on some delicious sweets, and meeting plenty of new people, the day was just such an amazing refresh. I’ve definitely been in a bit of a blogging funk (I’m sure most of you feel me) and a day with other bloggers and creatives was just what I needed!
A huge thank you to Rachael and Jaclyn of Lovely Happenings for having me and also to my always amazing roomie and BFF Alice who tagged along to be my photographer (isn’t she just amazing?!). 
P.S. I can’t even tell you how much I love that hilariously basic pictures of us bloggers snapchatting our drinks!
From left to right: Jaclyn, Me :), Melanie, Christine, Mollie, Allie, and Rachael
I’m obsessed with all the lace on Allie and Dana’s dresses!
You can check out all the details of my outfit in Monday’s post! 
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