The Importance of Thank Yous

One of my favorite times of the year is right before New Years when all the holiday cards start piling up in mail boxes. Not only is getting mail always fun, but the personal notes from old friends and family that you rarely see remind you of all the people you love.
 On a similar note, as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized how sweet it is to receive a thank you card in the mail. Everyone has heard a rant about how young people these days send too many texts and emails and forget about how to feels to actually write a card or a letter. To be honest, I’m all for the quick thank you texts when it’s appropriate, but sometimes something a little more special is the right way to say thank you to someone. A card with a cute joke you know your best friend will laugh at or a picture of one of your favorite moments is my favorite way to do something special. 
When you want to do that something special that’s when it is time to check out Treat. With Treat you can personalize one of hundreds of cards with your own pictures and message instead of sending a generic ‘Thank You’ or ‘Congrats’ card to a person you care about (I’m kind of obsessed with their customizable friendship cards!). After staying with my friend Alice in NYC last month I put together one of their cards partially as a thank you and partially as a ‘just because I love you’. While Alice and I talk to each other everyday an out of the ordinary reminder of why she’s the best is something that she definitely deserves. This card is almost an mini album of our favorite times in New York and when you put it with my personal note to her inside it really the best way to say thank you to an amazing friend. Plus, we all know everyone loves to check their mail and see something fun waiting for them!
Do any of you ever send thank you cards to friends and family?
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