The Holidays In NYC

{1: Halloween! 2: First christmas cup of the season 3: Kinky Boots on Broadway (incredible!)}
{4: The Row 5: Nylon x Express Flatiron opening 6: pretty view on a cloudy day}
{7: matching leopard print 8: Wash Sq arch on Veterans Day 9: First snow fall!}
{1: The christmas decorations go up 2: Fall colors 3: Foggy evening}
{4: Layers 5: Redoing my inspiration board 6: Rainy day red}
{7: Leaving the city on a rainy night 8: Perfect sunset 9: Reunited!}
{1: Be kind to yourself 2: Christmas wreaths 3: Pippin on Broadway}
{4: A chilly Washington Sq 5: Studying 6: Christmas lights}
{7: Wishing I could have a Christmas tree 8: Union Sq from above 9: Snowy days}

It has been a while since I’ve put up any of my instagram pictures up on the blog, but with the Holiday season starting I’ve snapping shots like crazy. While I love fall and usually hate the change to bare trees and freezing temperatures I haven’t minded it as much this year. The city definitely goes all out for the holidays and I love walking through Christmas tree stands and seeing the pretty lights everywhere. 

Check out my instagram (@carolinestf)for more pictures!

~ Caroline
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