The Classic Combo

Happy Monday y’all! My conference was Friday and after a crazy weekend celebrating my roommate’s birthday I’m ready to get back to normal. There’s plenty of things in my life that need a little TLC since I’ve been putting all my time towards the conference. I’ll you more about that later this week though. For now I want to talk about my favorite looks for spring, or really any season. 
You all know I’m all about the classics, and it doesn’t get more classic than jeans and a great white button down. This look has seriously become my go-to (more evidence here), but there are so many ways this look can be done. You can go more business casual with a classic blouse and dark jeans or you go my Sunday funday way with a softened blouse and ripped jeans!
I’ve linked to a bunch of options below so you can all shop the perfect jeans and white blouse combo for your schedule!

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