Summer Life Through My Phone

1: My graduation cap. Couldn’t believe the day had actually come. 
2: Fathers day shout out to an incredible dad. 
3: Soaking up the sun on the first day of summer with The Devil Wears Prada.
4: Early morning hike with my sister and dogs.
1: Exploring a lake  at sunset with friends.
2: My favorite flowers that have filled our yard this summer. 
3: Lemonade at my town’s summer celebration. 
4: My new sunglasses from Nordstrom.
5: Selena Gomez at the Amp 103.3 concert this weekend!!
6: Suffering in the heat at the concert with my friend.

The beginning of the summer has been pretty incredible. Even though I’ve been at home my friends and I have still found fun things to do most days. 

While I was planning on having a relaxing weekend I ended up going to the free Amp 103.3 Birthday Bash concert in Boston with my sister and one of my friends. Ariana Grande, Drop City Yacht Club, Timeflies, Sammy Adams, Selena Gomez, and Jason Derulo performed. The concert started at two o’clock but  the area was already filling up when we arrived a little after ten. Between the intense heat and gigantic crowd it ended up being unbearably hot and sticky. However, even with the heat we had a great time and ended the day with ice cream! 

~ Caroline
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