Styled: Slip-Ons

My go to pair of shoes has always been flats. My friends know that even if it is 20 degrees outside I love to throw on a pair of flats as I run out the door. If you had asked me a year ago what I thought about slip-on sneakers I would have looked at you like you were crazy, because my only impression of those shoes was the classic checkered Vans that ‘skaters’ wore. With my comparatively feminine style the thought of wearing a pair of slip on sneakers seemed crazy to me, that was until recently. 
Even though the slip on trend started a while ago it’s taken me until now to actually see the appeal. I believe this is partly because I’m getting oh so sick of boots and slip ons have a bit more foot coverage than my usual flats, but I also am loving them for spring/summer. I love the idea pairing patterned slip ons with white jeans or a dressier skirt (or even just the classic jeans and striped tee) as an alternative to my normal flats. Another plus I’ve started to consider is the comfort factor of slip ons. When the weather in the city is nice I love walking around and exploring and slip ons are most definitely the nicest shoes on my feet! 
What do you all think of the slip on trend? Shop some of my favorite picks below!

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