Styled: All Wrapped Up

If you had asked me last year if the tasseled ponchos of my elementary school years were ever going to come back in style my response would have been, hell no. I could never have imagined my favorite sweater-like item as a child would ever come back in style because, let’s be honest, it was kind of a horrible trend. Well, it seems as if the poncho might be the first trend I’ve seen come around twice. I didn’t believe it was possible for the poncho to become an ‘it’ item ever again, but I was wrong. 
I fought and fought believing ponchos were back, even when I saw them in the window of the boutique next to my apartment, but after seeing Emily Schuman in an amazing version on Cupcakes and Cashmere this week I gave up the fight. After doing a little internet searching (aka pinning like mad) I decided I actually liked this poncho trend. Unlike the ponchos of my childhood (see here) today’s poncho is more like a cape than anything else. 
From heavy textured fabrics to thin cashmeres there is a poncho (cape) for everyone. I mean who doesn’t like wrapping themselves in a blanket and getting to wear it all day? For the classic new englander a plaid poncho in deep colors will be your go to on freezing fall weekends. If you want something a little more classic try a thin black version with a cowl or turtle neck with a striped tee underneath. If you can’t get enough pattern then try finding a tribal print poncho or a striped option like Emily’s. 
What do you think of the poncho/cape trend? Are you willing to try it out or do you think the past should be left in the past?
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