Work Trip AKA Blazer Required

Even though I work in an environment that is basically the opposite of corporate, my love for blazers has only grown since graduation and I always like to bring back my favorites (see here and here). This week I’m in Boston for a work trip and you can bet I brought a couple blazers along as easy layering pieces. When it comes to meetings I have three go-to blazer looks depending on the client:

  1. Black Jeans + Sweater: This combo is my sort of ‘everyday’ look that transitions perfectly to more casual meetings.
  2. Leather Leggings + Blouse: Leather leggings under a blazer are my favorite way to look both professional and trendy for more fashion heavy clients.
  3. Shift Dress: For dressier meetings you can’t go wrong with throwing a blazer over an easy shift dress. In my industry it never gets too dressy so I always make sure either my blazer or my dress has a fun pattern or texture – wool, plaid, stripes, you name it.

Real talk though – you can’t go wrong with a blazer thrown over any look! You’ll instantly look put together and professional and no matter the industry it’s a sure fire way to make sure you’re dressed appropriately.


Blazer is via Zara and unfortunately sold out online

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