Study Abroad: Segovia

Happy Monday all! Today is my first day of class in Madrid and I have to say I’m incredibly excited to get back on a schedule. This past week has been crazy between all of the things I’ve had to get done on my own and our orientation events. 
Getting back on a schedule also means getting back on a schedule for blog posts! I loved having Gracey guest post for me last week (I’ve definitely been using some of her insta tips), but now I’m excited to finally share some of Spain with you all. Last Friday we the whole group took a day trip to Segovia and I fell in love. Picture a quintessential European town with a 2000 year old aqueduct running through it and beautiful rooftop views of the Spanish countryside (or just look at my pictures). We spent the day wandering the city and learning the history of the changing cultures throughout Spain. If you can’t tell by now I’m basically in love with this country. 
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