A Striped Spring Transition

It’s that time of year where those of us living in the Northeast scroll through our Instagram feeds with serious green eyes at everyone down south or on the west coast. With trees blooming already down in Charleston I have major travel fever but no bank account to back it up, so I’m stuck trying to make the best of the transitional weather here in the city. After months of rotating between pairs of boots I pulled out some of my favorite mules and added a few spring-like pieces into my closet to try and get some of that spring inspo back into my life.

I wrote a little about my spring mood last week, so it’s no surprise that light wash jeans and bright stripes were the first things on my spring shopping list. Light wash jeans just scream warm temps to me, anyone else feel that way? I found this pair on sale for only $20 (if you like them make sure to size up!) and this sweater is still on sale for the holiday weekend! For now I need to layer on a jacket, but when it finally warms up this sweater is going to look so cute tossed over a sundress and those jeans will be amazzzingg on the weekend with a cute top like this.

The last new addition is my tortoise phone case that was a much needed replacement for my palm leaf one that was literally falling apart at the seams (oops). Funny enough my roommate reminded me I had an almost identical one almost 4 years ago – weird how those types of things always come back around!


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