Looks for Every Kind of Spring Break

Oh how I love March in New York (insert sarcastic voice). As I write this we’re getting something between slush and snow falling from the sky and I can just see the streets turning back into giant puddles. All this means they’ll be no real spring dressing around here for another little bit, or at least I’ll be fake spring dressing by throwing my parka on top.

This year is actually the first year in a few years that I won’t be heading anywhere warm in March. Last year it was Cuba and the year before I was lucky enough to go on a school trip to Chile, so I’m having major FOMO seeing everyone head on warm weather escapes. I’ll be heading to DC in April, but until then it’s cold city living for me. Today though, I’m diving back into the archives of sunnier days to show y’all some updated looks for your spring break, whether you’re staying home like me or heading to the beach!

Southern City

Headed to Charleston? or maybe Savannah? Call me the green eyed monster because I’ve never been to either city! These trips are the perfect time to go extra girly with fun silhouettes and patterns. Put your black pieces away and focus on breezy dresses and fun accessories! Since it may not be total sandal weather, bring along a pair of light colored loafers!

Island Hopping

I cannot say enough good things about my trip to Cuba! I would go back in a second and can talk about the trip for hours (so for sure let me know if you’re going!). For trips like this where you’ll be exploring (aka walking a ton) make sure to pack comfortable sandals – I lived in these! Then have fun with your look and wear pieces you might never wear at home. Ruffles and embroidery both scream tropical vaca! Surprisingly, I loved having neutral pieces to wear in Cuba because it really made the colorful buildings and beautiful scenery pop behind me in all my photos.

Beach Time

Ugh how I would kill for a day to city on the beach right now! For beach days I’m all about being comfortable enough to not only actually go swimming (I hate just sitting there), but also to head to get drinks or dinner afterwards. A striped one piece is not only adorable, but a fun way to follow the ‘no shirt no shoes’ rule without actually having to have a third piece. Switch out your fancy lace up sandals for a pair of slip ons, grab a straw bag, and you’re good to go!


Exploring Your City

If you’re not headed anywhere this spring, don’t just sit inside and be sad about it – go out and explore! I didn’t go anywhere during spring break for my first two years of school and the time off was the perfect excuse to check of bucket list items in my city. Schedule a day with friends to hit up your favorite coffee shops, neighborhoods, and art exhibits. Stay comfy with casual sneakers and bring out some of your spring accessories like this cute silk scarf and circle bag!

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