Spring in the West Village

Spring in New York is one of those ‘don’t blink or you’ll miss it’ types of things. The city starts to come alive again and everyone finally emerges from their apartment hideaways, but a moment later it’s either freezing again or the blooms have turned to leaves. 
It is definitely a privilege being able to experience the beautiful seasons in NYC, but sometimes I forget how special they really are when midterms and interviews are taking over my life. Luckily, last weekend I had a bit of free time to just roam the West Village with a couple friends. We ended up climbing a few trees (hiding out from the ‘park rangers’) and taking a lot of ridiculous pictures. 
Every spring is different in the city, so I always try to save my favorite pictures and look back on them. I did a post last year with my favorite springy pictures and I’m thinking it’s definitely going to become a tradition. 
My roommate Alice is the queen of sporty weekend wear. I wish I looked that cute in a baseball cap!
Unfortunately, it was freezing last weekend so I piled on the layers. I’m wearing this extra warm sweater, a chambray top, and Zara leather jacket. Plus, I’m wearing a tight tank top underneath all those layers…
I am in love with this picture. Could spring look any prettier?
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