Snowpocalypse Recap

This weekend was definitely one for the books. Not only were there record breaking snow totals throughout New York, but I had one of the most fun weekends I’ve probably ever had. It started with my roommate’s 21st birthday and a very well pulled off surprise party. As we headed home the city was already covered in snow and by the time I woke up the next morning all you could see was white.

Manhattan got over two feet of snow, but instead of huddling inside all day I headed over to Washington Square Park with a few friends and fully embraced the weather. Between making a mini snowman, body surfing across slippery benches, and throwing snowballs we had the best time. Of course I wore my Patriots hat (don’t even ask me how  bitter I am about yesterday) and red Hunters to stay warm. As the day went on the snow only got worse and NYC shut all the roads so the streets were empty except for wandering New Yorkers. It felt a bit like the Walking Dead except way less terrifying. Walking through the streets was just incredible and a snapchat I took ended up getting featured on the local NYC SnapStory. Of course cuddling up with Clueless, cookies, and hot chocolate was also a very important part of the day 🙂

Unfortunately, things started to go back to normal Sunday morning as the snow plows took over the city. I headed up to Central Park with two friends and it was truly the prettiest I’ve ever seen NYC. I could have shared so many more pictures than just these few, but I thought I’d try not to overwhelm you all.

How was the storm where all of you were? Did you stay curled up inside with hot chocolate or spend the day exploring the snow?

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