My NYC Sized Desk Space

When I started working from home nearly two months ago, like many other New Yorkers, I was faced with either crowding around my kitchen table with my roommates or working from the couch on a daily basis. Then when I needed to take calls I ended up working from my bed to ensure I had a quiet space.

While there’s nothing wrong with working from your bed every once in a while (still guilty), when I realized this WFH life might last longer than initially expected I knew I needed to set up a real work space where I could focus and take client calls.

The “Desk”

When I measured out the one spot in my room where a potential work space could go I realized I was only working with about 30″ of space. Typical desks are between 40-50″ and when looking for smaller desks there just weren’t a ton of options out there. Plus, I wanted the space to be convertible so when I won’t need a functioning WFH space this corner could act as my nightstand and look a bit more decorative.

The perfect solution to my tiny space problem ended up being this gorgeous console table coming in at only 28″ wide and 13″ deep. It perfectly fits my computer and coffee plus a few accessories to make the space feel happy!

Desks & Consoles Under 40″ Wide

The Chair

Since my desk space is part of the focal point of my room I wanted the chair to also feel decorative. I also wanted to be able to place the chair in a different corner as an accent piece when I’m not using this area as a desk. So a pretty chair was a must!

I’ve been wanting one of these wishbone wood chairs forever! Unfortunately, I couldn’t justify the cost of 4 of them for my kitchen table, so it was the perfect solution for this little corner.

Accent Chairs

The Storage Basket

As I’ve said, I need this space to be both functional and decorative, so the finish to this space was adding a basket to hide all my cords in. For now, I have a larger basket that holds both the extension cord and some handbags. However, but it restricts my foot space a little, so I’m planning to switch it for a smaller basket soon.

The best part with the baskets is when you need the cords they’re all plugged in right there. But I can also fold my picnic blanket and toss it on top to hide everything!

Baskets to Hide Cords

I’m working on putting together more blog content on my current NYC apartment, so let me know what you would like to see! For now, check out my first NYC apartment here and my closet clean out from my last apartment here.

Thanks for reading and for your support! xx

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