Sights & Soludos

Hands down the best part of Chile were the incredible views everywhere we went. Whether you were down in the city looking up at the mountains or vice versa the sights were just magnificent. During my trip the two spots that tied for best views were San Cristobal Hill and the rooftop bar at the W Santiago. 
To reach the top of San Cristobal Hill you hop on a little trolley that goes up a seriously steep part of the mountain (definitely tested my fear of heights). The views are pretty crazy going up in the trolley, but the moment you step out at the top you’re just hit by how incredible this place is. I honestly could have spent all day just sitting by the edge looking out over the city. 
The statue of the Virgin Mary was definitely a mini version of what I imagine the statue of Christ to be like in Rio. While we were there the sun was directly behind her head, making it look like the statue actually had a halo… I’m running out of adjectives, but it was truly amazing. 
By the way, I LIVED in these espadrilles while I was in Chile. They were the perfect break from sandals when my feet needed some support. If you’re traveling this summer, or even if you’re just looking for new summer shoes, espadrilles are the way to go. My suggestion is definitely to go with the brand Soludus, but the key is really finding a fun pair that you love. 

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