Shop: The New Fall Must-Haves

Fall shopping may be my favorite part of the year. I’ve always been a jacket, jeans, and sweater kind of person and I love the first few crisp mornings when you get to break out the layers. Since I can bring a limited amount of clothing with me to Madrid I’ve been focusing on my must-haves for fall so that I don’t go without any of the classics and new must-haves. 
A Black Blazer
Everyone should have some type of blazer blazer. Mine is probably 4 years old, but I love it and will probably cry the day I have to replace it because everything about it is perfect. 
The Striped Tee
I own about a million striped tees. The key is to know what your favorite shape and stripe is so that you find the one that you are going to want to wear literally every day. You can wear the tee alone for warmer days and add lots of layers for chillier ones. 
Leopard Flats
When people say leopard is a neutral they aren’t lying. Leopard flats will go with everything in your closet and can easily pair with other patterns. If you don’t already own a pair of leopard flats I suggest trying out the d’orsay shape because they make your legs look a million miles long. 
Leather Leggings
Ok these are definitely a new classic and there about a million different pairs out there that you can look through. I suggest looking for a thicker pair so they are more like pants than leggings and definitely try them on before you buy. Leather pieces aren’t going anywhere soon so if you don’t already own a pair now is the time to get one!
Over the Knee Boots
In my opinion over the knee boots are the new riding boot (they kind of are riding boots right?). They work perfectly with both jeans and skirts/dresses and will pull your whole look together. My favorite are the Stuart Weitzman 50/50 ones from last season, but the ones above are almost identical for a fraction of the price.
The Big Scarf
Whether a blanket scarf or just a comfy wool scarf everyone needs a go-to heavy fall scarf for the extra chilly mornings. I always like a classic plaid and major points if you pair it with your striped tee or leopard print flats. I’m obsessed with the Zara scarves for fall. 
The Crossbody Bag
Fall weather is perfect for exploring wherever you live and a no hands bag makes this exploring extra easy. I mean who wants to be clutching a bag while trying to pick apples or pick through an outdoor market. Go for a classic neutral that works the best for your wardrobe and try looking at a few different sizes to figure out works best for you. 
Boyfriend Jeans
While I don’t think the skinny jean is going anywhere the boyfriend jean is definitely here to stay. They were probably a summer staple for you, but try pairing them with a chunky sweater and ankle boots for the colder weather ahead. 
The Leather Jacket
There is a leather jacket out there for every kind of style so you should definitely own one. I searched for months before finding the perfect (faux) leather jacket, but once you find the right one you’ll never stop wearing it. If you don’t want to spend a lot check out places like Forever 21 and Necessary Clothing. Zara and Mango also have great options for around $100. 
The Chambray
This is a year around classic that everyone should own at least one of. I have four (but one is old and ripped and I just refuse to get rid of it). A chambray is a piece you should splurge on because you’ll have it forever. My favorite is the classic J.Crew chambray shown above. 
Ankle Boots
Just like most of my must-haves there are so many options for ankle boots. A fall 2014 favorite is the Chelsea boot, but the key is to find the right boot for your wardrobe. I like my ankle boots to have a little bit of heel and look good dressed up or down. I just bought these boots in black! 
The Fisherman Sweater
A big chunky sweater is going to make you so happy on those lazy mornings when you’re running late and on a better morning you can dress it up with a fun skirt. My color of choice is always cream or olive. 
What do you all think of my Fall Must-Haves? Do you have any must-have of you own?
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