Shop: Summer to Fall

Fall will always be my favorite season. The crisp mornings, clear skies, and changing leaves are just a few of my favorite things (not to mention my birthday). However, what I really get excited about is the ability to wear layers again. I always miss the Soft sweaters, army jackets, and comfortable jeans that make up my fall wardrobe.
When August hits I no longer allow myself to shop for summer clothes anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to wear what I buy asap. Instead of packing heavier pieces away until September I try to find a way to wear them in the summer heat. Pairing sweaters and sweatshirts with skirts and shorts is always an easy way to ensure you don’t over heat, but the real key is to mix heavier fall pieces with light and flowy pieces that still scream summer. Pair of heavier leather skirt (I love the white one above) with a crop top or sheer blouse. You can wear a graphic sweatshirt with loose skirt with a fun summer pattern. One of the my favorite pieces for fall is a chambray dress. The Madewell version above can easily be worn alone with your favorite sandals now, and later on you can layer it with a boyfriend sweater or blazer and ankle boots or printed flats. 
How do you manage the summer to fall transition?
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