Shop: Summer Sandals

Happy Monday all! I’m have spring break this week and so far it has been incredible! Even though I’m far far away from any place warm I’ve only been able to think about the warm months ahead. 

While flats are definitely my go-to shoe in any season I love to wear sandals when the temperature warms up. However, I’ve always been the pickiest about sandals when it comes to buying shoes. They must have the right amount of coverage, straps, color, etc before I actually commit to buying a pair (and all that can be hard to find). Luckily, this spring I’ve been able to find more than a few pairs that I love! A simple strap across the toes and an ankle strap is definitely my favorite combination, but I also love options with more foot coverage.

Hope you have a great start to the week! Look out tomorrow for a fun collaboration!

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