Shop: Neutral Sandals

I’m definitely a flip flop kind of girl during the summer time but most of the time my worn out rainbows won’t cut it. Instead I like to find a comfortable pair of sandals that go with everything as well. The perfect pair of sandals have an ankle strap so that they don’t fall off and are sturdy enough that I can walk around for hours. 

I bought the black and brown pair from BP at Nordstrom a few weeks ago and they are already perfectly worn in. Since much of my wardrobe is made up of black pieces the black strap ensures the sandals coordinate with everything. 

Before buying a pair of sandals I suggest trying on four or five pairs just to figure out what feels the best. Some people like straps higher up on there ankle, but I like lower straps. Also, sandals with a T-strap feel much different then sandals with a strap across your toes. If you don’t like the way your sandals feel you won’t want to wear them, so make sure you find the right pair!

~ Caroline

p.s. All the sandals above are $60 and under!
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