Shop: My Christmas Wish List

Earlier this week when I was on the phone with my Dad he asked me what was on my christmas wish list. As my Dad, he knows that there are usually almost a hundred things I can name at any time that I want, so he was pretty surprised when I said I didn’t know. 

Well Dad, no need to worry I have created a Christmas wish list with plenty of items on it! While some of these items (mostly just those incredible boots) would be a Christmas miracle if they happened to show up under the tree on Dec 25th, most of them are a great (i.e affordable) price!

A good portion of my wish list this year is dedicated to practicalities because I could definitely use a few more sweaters and sleeveless blouses to layer during these winter months. However, some pieces, like the monogram ring and leopard print bag, aren’t definitely high on my “just because” list. 

What are you all hoping to open up Christmas morning? 

~ Caroline
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