SHOP: Long Lasting Espadrilles

Hands down my favorite type of shoe in the summer is an espadrille. I got my first pair before a trip around Europe one summer during high school and I ended up wearing them almost every day of the trip. Since then I’ve bought three more pairs that, just like the original, I wear all the time. For those of you traveling this summer they are the perfect compromise of cute and comfortable. While I’m not traveling to any far off lands this sumer I still plan on wearing my favorite espadrilles running around the city. I always love a good sandal, but sometimes my feet (and my shower) need a break for the dirty NYC streets. 
Over the years I’ve learned a few things about buying espadrilles. I’ve thrown out enough pairs and spent enough money on nice pairs to know where and when to compromise. First off, if you want a super cheap pair of espadrilles, go for it (check out these). Just know that those shoes you love oh so much won’t be lasting more than a couple months of wear and tear. I learned that the hard way when that favorite pair of mine from high school fell apart in less than a summer. 
Once I knew I would live in whatever pair of espadrilles I bought I started investing more money in them. What you have to remember is (just like most clothing/accessories) just because a pair of espadrilles are expensive doesn’t mean they will last. The first think you should look for is a great rubber bottom. This is important for the shoe holding up and for your safety if you should ever walk on a slippery or wet surface. The next thing to consider is the material and color because I promise you your white cloth espadrilles are going to get dirty real fast. For longevity look for darker colors in materials that wipe off (aka leather or pleather). That’s not to say you shouldn’t go for the adorable white lace up pair, because I’m ridiculously close to going out and buying a pair for myself, but that pair is going to have to be your ‘special occasion’ pair. 
Now that I’ve ranted about all my espadrille advice, go forth and find your favorite pair. I promise that online shopping makes Monday a hell of a lot better. 

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