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I’ve been counting down the days to my vacation for weeks and it is almost here. Tomorrow my family will be packing up the car (puppy included) and heading to upstate New York for a week by the lake with family friends. It’s a trip we’ve been taking for years and every time we go back my excitement is even greater. 

As far as vacations go this is probably the most low key, and I couldn’t be more ready for some lazy days. Going from bed to lake to hammock to dinner and then repeating the same schedule the next day calls for easy pieces like chambrays, white denim shorts, and slip on sandals that can easily go from a coverup to a dinner outfit. 
While I’m all for hot and humid summer weather the temperatures are only ever in the mid 70s with much chillier temps at night. Of course this makes it completely acceptable (and necessary) to start up a campfire and roast a couple marshmallows. I also make sure to pack a few warm sweaters and long sleeve (aka so many stripes) for the nights spent outside to protect against the cold and any lurking mosquitos. 
I already have The One & Only by Emily Giffin on my reading list for the week (as well as Lucky and Elle), but if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them! I know I’m going to blow through the first book and magazines quickly. 
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