Shop: J.Crew Fall Sale

It’s that time again, one of the best J.Crew sale’s of the year has arrived. If it wasn’t going to break my wallet (shipping J.Crew to Spain is barely even possible) I would already have everything on my wish list. 
My advice for taking advantage of this sale in the best way possible is to focus on the basics. Yes, a red peacoat is great, but you’re going to wear classic sweaters, dark wash skinny jeans, and striped tees for years to come (the cost per wear will literally be pennies). Pick pieces in neutrals and deep jewel tones (maroon, forest green, etc) since these colors will always be in style for fall. 
And fine, if you want to pick out some fun not-so-basic pieces then go for these bright red flats or a scuba skirt. I won’t blame for not wanting to stick to the classics since I’ll be right there with you. 
Have a great start to your week!
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