Shop: Fall Covets N.1

Last month I showed you all my list of fall must-haves, but who just wants to wear the basics? Picking out great essentials is necessary for a wardrobe, but finding special pieces, whether trendy or unique, is the best way to make your looks pop. 
So, since I’ve been lacking on my ‘shopping’ posts recently I’ve vowed to start showing you all the special pieces I’ve been coveting in a weekly post. This week is all about plaid and texture after I was inspired by Liz Schneider’s plaid coat on Sequins & Stripes earlier this week. I’m obsessed with the Madewell option above and can imagine the little bit of black lace from the top above peeping out from underneath. The rough textured sweatshirt and smooth calf hair boots also seem to be screaming ‘buy me for fall’ to me right now!
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