Shop: Colored Leather Jackets

My leather obsession has gone a little farther recently as I’ve been on the hunt for a colored leather jacket. So far I think my favorite color options are burgundy and olive since they go well with most of my wardrobe and add a fun pop of color. 

Out of these three jackets the olive jacket from Lucca is definitely my favorite, but it does have a pretty hefty price tag that has deterred me from buying it. At the same time I’ve surprisingly found an option I love, the burgundy jacket, at Forever 21 for a much cheaper price. I know that jackets are good pieces to invest in, but what do you guys think? Should I save up for the more expensive option or try out a cheaper version first?

Also, I hope you all had a great Halloween Weekend! As I said on Thursday I was a flapper (you can see a picture of my costume here) and ending up having a great time with my friends!

~ Caroline
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