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If you were wondering, my favorite holidays are 4th of July and Thanksgiving, and my favorite colors are red, white, and blue (and black). But seriously, I have a bit of of an americana problem obsession. While I love traveling to other countries when it comes down to it I love my apple pie, stars, and stripes. 
So of course this means by the time June 1st hits I’m already ready for the 4th of July. The town I went to high school in doesn’t have a parade on the fourth (crazy people, I know), but as a little kid my favorite part of the summer was the annual parade. We always spent the day with family and friends, with my dad on the grill making hot dogs (my favorite summer food duh) and little kids running around in bathing suits. I still love the parades and hot dogs but one of my favorite part of the 4th now is dressing ridiculously patriotic (which I try not to do all the time… see here, here, and here). I’ve collected some of my favorite patriotic and nautical pieces so that you aren’t left wrapping yourself in an American flag on the 4th. Plus, you can check out last years look here. Only 8 more days ’til Fourth of July!!
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