Sailboats & Stripes

Does anyone else feel like they are still recovering from the holiday weekend? I felt like a zombie yesterday and so far today isn’t any better, so the fact that I have a post up today is basically a miracle. My weekend hangover is well worth the amazing fun I had over the 4th though, and I have a few really gorgeous posts coming up from my short trip out to Long Island. 
While I love boats (they are the only moving vehicle I don’t get motion sick on), I’d never actually been on a sailboat before, so when my friend and her boyfriend took us out on his family’s sailboat this weekend I was shaking with excitement. Of course, I had to put on a red white and blue inspired nautical outfit and snap about a million pictures!
Getting shown around by my friends was the best! Annie was incredibly embarrassed we had matching stripes, but I loved it 🙂
It may look like I’m right at home driving the boat, but let me tell you – I was so freaked out I was going to run into an imaginary iceberg. 
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