My Shopping Secret

So I’ve been keeping a bit of a secret over here 🙈 but I’m so excited to finally share my secret with you all! If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been finding some of the amazing pieces featured on the blog lately like this pearl studded bag or this patterned blouse – the answer is Rent the Runway. After realizing that my closet was bursting at the seems and that I kept buying clothes just to have something new, I knew something had to change. I’d heard about Rent the Runway’s subscriptions at work and from friends who’d had great experiences so I decided to take the plunge and sign up!


If you’ve never heard of their subscription services here’s the DL – There are two options:

  1. UNLIMITED – You pick 4 pieces at a time and can return at any time them to receive an unlimited number of pieces per month (this is what I have!)
  2. UPDATE – You receive 4 pieces per month and return at the end of each month to receive your new pieces for the next month

With each option you have a huge library of pieces to pick from including clothing, accessories, and jewelry. I have pieces delivered to my apartment (no doorman required) and when returning I either drop off at the Rent The Runway store or at a UPS drop location – both so easy! Overall, I’ve had a a really great experience so far but keep reading for the breakdown.

By the way this is not sponsored at all – I just really love it!


PHOTOS BY ALLIE PROVOST (isn’t she amazing?! – follow her on Instagram here)


  • I always have something new to wear! You know that ‘I hate everything in my closet feeling’ – yeah I don’t have that problem anymore because I can return and pick out new pieces all the time
  • If you live or work in Manhattan it’s so easy to return pieces by just dropping them off at the store in Union Square. Plus, when you drop them off at the store you can immediately pick new pieces that arrive in usually ~48 hours
  • When buying clothes sometimes it can be hard to be adventurous and try new things, but with Rent the Runway I don’t worry because I know I can just return something if I don’t like it
  • The unlimited & update services have plenty of dressier options for holiday and events so I was able to pick things out for my work holiday party, Christmas, and even NYE! For wedding season it will be absolutely ahhhmazing!
  • I can wear pieces I could absolutely never afford to buy otherwise. The jacket I’m wearing in this post is almost $700 (lolz) and as much as I love it there’s no way I could have spent that much on a single coat (though it is on sale here if you do want to buy it!)
  • Other Rent The Runway users leave amazing reviews and images of themselves wearing the clothes. This makes it so much easier to decide what pieces I want to rent!


  • If you’re not willing to be an adventurous dresser it’s not really worth it. There is so much to pick from in their library of pieces, but you’re going to have to try new styles and trends to really get the most of it! I’ve found this 100% worth it though because it’s so much fun to try new things!
  • If you’re petite it’s not going to work for you very well. I even find at 5’5″ that many of the dresses are a bit too long so I stick to mostly renting coats, tops, and accessories
  • Fit isn’t always 100%. Just like if you’re ordering anything online, you can never be sure about fit. Based on reviews though I feel like I usually get it right 75% of the time


The Rent The Runway subscription services are worth it in my options if you either a) live a life where you’re always dressing up (or just trying to look good) at work or for events OR b) are a constant shopper who needs to start reigning it in.

Personally, I save money by using the unlimited subscription instead of impulse purchasing but I know for many of my friends with corporate jobs they wouldn’t get as much use out of the service. Also, if you know you have a event heavy season coming up (aka holidays or wedding season) then that’s a perfect time to try it out.

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