Over The Weekend: Oh Boston

Sometimes the best excuse to really explore your own city is to have a friend visit from out of town. This weekend my roommate (aka one of my closest friends) came to visit from NYC and we spent the 36 hours she was here exploring Boston and eating delicious food (both homemade and restaurant). I will probably always love New York more than any other city, but seeing Boston through my friend’s eyes made me remember what I love about home. Between the gardens in Boston Common, the incredible italian pastries in the North End, and the old brick brownstones in Beacon Hill Boston can be a pretty magical place.
 There was so much that we wanted to see and do on Saturday that by Sunday morning all that we were up for was sitting outside in the sun with iced coffees. It was definitely the perfect ending to an amazing weekend. The hardest part of the whole weekend was saying goodbye and knowing that I won’t see one of my best friends until January (if only she could come to Madrid with me ;)). 
How did you all spend this beautiful summer weekend?
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