Outfit: Wardrobe Staples

{Gap jacket, Urban Outfitters linen oxford, Forever 21 pants (similar), Topshop flats}

This is basically my new favorite outfit, probably because it consists of jeans, flats, and a comfy button up as well as my favorite jacket. Really though, these pieces are spring and summer basics that every person should have. This linen oxford from UO is one of my favorite purchases this spring so far because I can see myself wearing it in a hundred different ways. It is a classic that will literally go with everything.

I’ve also started to think of patterned pants as a staple. However, they are definitely a staple that I like to spend minimal amounts of money on because sometimes I think I will love the pattern and end up never wearing the pants. So I’ve ended up looking for patterned pants from places like Forever 21 where they are under $25. These pants, while a pattern, can go with many things because of the neutral colors. 

Outside of the clothes in my life everything is pretty crazy! Senioritis is hitting my friends and I horribly as everyone is figuring out where they are going to school next year. I only have 7 more weeks of school and motivation is quickly disappearing. Unfortunately as May is approaching it also means I have AP exams coming up soon… They are such a damper on my spring fever. 

~ Caroline

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