Outfit: The Vest Solution

Wow guys, Mondays are ruff. I honestly forgot how rough Mondays could be since not only was last weekend a long weekend, but I also started classes the Wednesday before Labor Day. So yeah, the idea of waking up early and being productive on a Monday morning is a little bit foreign to me at the moment.

Even though we are basically half way through September the hot humid weather is still going strong. I know that summer doesn’t actually end for another few weeks (side note: check out this article about why we end summer so early), but ever since LDW passed it’s felt weird to wear anything remotely summery.
I’m ready to pack away white jeans and shorts and pull out jackets and sweaters, but the weather is just not agreeing with me. So, this is where this lovely vest comes in. I’ve weirdly bought two vests in the last few weeks and they’ve actually been perfect in this between season weather. I still get to feel like I’m wearing a jacket, without actually sweating to death in the NYC. Plus, once real fall actually descends on the city I can toss a vest over a light sweater or plaid top. Vests allow fall layering that we all get so excited for every year to happen just a little bit earlier and I’m definitely not one to complain about that 🙂

FYI: The bucket bag I’m wearing is from Old Navy. Unfortunately, it’s sold out online, but if you can find it in stores do not pass go, do not collect $200, just bring it right to the register and buy it. Seriously, it’s that great. 
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