Outfit: Retail Therapy

During weeks where the only way I can describe my life is as ‘busy’ the first thing that generally suffers is my eating habits (aka a lot of takeout), but the next thing to go is any inspiration in getting dressed. What’s worse is it feels about a million times harder to get out of the pit of bland and boring than it was to fall into it. 
When this happens I always find the best way to re-inspire myself is to do a bit of retail therapy and pick out an extra special item. This beautiful skirt is the result of one of those inspiration seeking shopping trips after a very very long day. While it’s still my go-to palette of black and white, the unique pattern was enough to bring back the inspiration in getting dressed in the morning. I’ve already worn it a couple times and have to say that a great mini skirt really does solve all most problems, at least in the wardrobe sphere of my life. 
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