Outfit: Plaid & Leather

{Forever 21 top, Zara skirt, INC flats, Rebecca Minkoff bag}
The perfect fall weather in Boston and NYC this week has been taunting me since all I want to wear are my sweaters and jackets that have been stored away for so long. Instead it’s been in the high 70s every afternoon in Madrid (I promise I’m not complaining), so I’ve been forced to find creative ways to wear my favorite fall pieces. 
While I would normally have paired this button up with jeans and boots I would have died sweater in the afternoon sun, so instead I forced myself to shave my legs in my tiny european shower and put on a skirt. Of course the skirt had to be leather, because it seems I can’t wear a single outfit without a little dose of my favorite material. And with leopard flats to finish off the outfit I had myself some perfect fall pattern and texture mixing. 
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