Outfit: On Repeat

 Friday is finally here! This week was one of those week’s where I’ve sworn it is a day later than it actually is. I was really convinced yesterday morning that it was Friday and when I got to work and realized it wasn’t there was some serious disappointment.

The best part of summer though, is while I work full time, my evenings and mornings are all mine. There’s no homework or studying to be done until late at night and I’m not rushing out in the morning to an early class. So while yesterday wasn’t the start of the weekend it kind of felt like it since I started the day getting breakfast with a friend and ended it wandering SoHo and then meeting family that is town for dinner. Then I ended up wandering home from Bryant Park to SoHo (it’s about a 45 minute walk) because the weather had finally cooled down.

And on the note of the weather… Real summer is here in New York. Yesterday was seriously hot and humid and just going outside for a second felt like walking into a sauna. While I usually like to wear pants to work (cause I’m sitting most of the day), it just wasn’t going to happen. Instead I threw on my favorite skirt and the loosest top I could find and kept it accessory-less to stay as cool as possible. I can tell you all now, that if this summer stays as bad as yesterday you’ll be seeing this loose top, skirt, sandals combo a lot more.


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