Outfit: Lazy Day Leopard

J.Crew Chambray top // Madewell coated jeans (similar
Today is the beginning of reality setting back in. It’s back to school for my sister and back to a regular work schedule for the rest of my family and it reminds me that I need to force a work schedule upon myself even though I have two more weeks before I go back to school. Unfortunately, it is way more fun to think about the holidays and rainy days filled with books to read and Greys Anatomy on the tv. 
During these simple days of break this easy look became my go-to. I picked up leopard print slip ons from Marshalls to replace my dying leopard flats and since then I haven’t worn anything else. Pairing them with coated skinnies and a chambray is the definition of lazy day casual. I can’t think of any better outfit for a day full of christmas returns and tv marathons. 
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