Outfit: I’m a Copycat

{Gap jacket, brand unknown dress via Nordstrom, City Classified boots}
This week even though it was gorgeous out earlier I felt like my closet was full of nothing. All I kept thinking was I have a closet stuffed to the brim with absolutely nothing I will ever wear again. That is completely falso, but I always feel like this school gets busy and mornings are hectic.

 Mornings like these are when bloggers around the world save me. Instead of staring blankly into my closet for twenty minutes I got my laptop and checked new posts to some of my favorite blogs. Thankfully, after seeing this post on Kendi’s blog, Kendi Everyday, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear. I took Kendi’s outfit and found pieces in my closest that look similar.  

The light blue and olive combo are ingenious and I definitely couldn’t have come up with something like this on Tuesday morning. In under ten minutes I had a great put-together outfit for a sunny day, so thank you for saving the day Kendi!

~ Caroline
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