Outfit: Before Juno

Zara scarf (similar) // Zara coat  // Unknown leggings (similar) // Zara sweater // Kenneth Cole shoes
So obviously these pictures were taken before Juno covered the Northeast in snow that quickly turned to grey slush. I don’t mind winter when I just have to add a couple layers to my usual outfit to go outside, but as soon as the freezing slush puddles arrive I’m done. This look was perfect for wandering the East Village Sunday morning on my way to get bagels with a friend. A cozy sweater, leather leggings, and slip on sneakers make me feel like I’m still in pajamas without actually looking like I just rolled out of bed. Add a blanket scarf and it feels like I never even left my warm covers. 
Sadly, I’ll be retiring all shoes except my Sperry boots until these giant slush puddles recede. I can assure you that on my walk to class tomorrow morning I will be not so gracefully hopping over the frozen lakes. All that being said, NYC did avoid the brunt of the storm and I’m hoping that everyone in New England is doing ok digging themselves out of the more than 2ft of snow they got. Stay safe!
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