Outfit: A Special Piece + Links

{Joie blazer, Gap skirt, Ralph Lauren Sandals, Timex watch}
Yay for long holiday weekends! I’m so excited for this weekend since it means the Fourth of July, a fun day with extended family on the Cape, and finally picking up my puppy on Monday! 
These are pictures were snapped last weekend when my sister and I ran out for some ice cream. I don’t wear this blazer all the time, but every time I do put it on I feel extra special. While Joie items are pretty much always out of my price range I love searching Tj Maxx, Marshalls, and Nordstrom Rack for deals! Nordstrom Rack online is having an incredible Joie event right now that only goes until Saturday (and is selling out quickly!). I love these pants, this skirt, and this striped shirt!
Also, since I’m signing off early this week I thought I would share some of favorites from the week! This interview with Amy Stone on the Style Line is absolute perfection and also spotlights a few adorable NYC spots! These drawings about the different stereotypes that are put on women is one of the most inspiring and empowering pieces I’ve seen in a while. Even though I have no spaces to decorate for myself I’m obsessed with this post from Domaine about decorating like an it girl
I hope you all have an incredible Fourth of July weekend! I think sadly it is supposed to rain where I am for the holiday, but I plan on spending as much time as possible in the sun!
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