Outfit: 36 Hours

There’s nothing like an amazing weekend to make Monday morning that much harder. When my alarm went off this morning it was a serious jolt back to reality and the business of my upcoming week. 

Unlike most weekends, this one wasn’t filled with homework and group meetings, so I took full advantage of the break and just forgot about school and responsibilities for a full 36 hours. Saturday afternoon my roommate and I wandered around Greenwich Village and the West Village just soaking up the Halloween fun. As we reached the West Village we kept finding all these amazingly decorated town homes. All I can say it that I now really need to live in one of these homes someday so I can do my own front stoop spooky scene!
SHOP: Max Jeans Jacket // H&M flannel // Zara t-shirt // unknown leather leggings // Vans slip ons
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