Out of Thin Air

My biggest piece of advice to everyone reading is to learn how to be an effective packer… because I am the w.o.r.s.t at it. Every time I pack to go home for Winter Break (~1 month long) I forget about key events I need to have outfits for, and this time was no different. I entirely forgot that I would need something somewhat dressy to wear for church Christmas eve and then family Christmas with my dad’s side of my family on the 27th. 
Somehow, just this once I pulled an outfit I loved out of thin air (aka a horribly packed suitcase) and ended up wearing it for both events (ssh don’t tell). I never would have thought to pair this jacket with this dress since they’re both very swingy, but when you have zero options you try out some crazy pairings. Luckily, this crazy pairing worked out perfectly!
If you’re looking for an easy layering piece for the rest of winter, I highly recommend this faux leather jacket. It’s super thin, meaning you can easily layer a real coat on top, and comes in multiple colors perfect for every season!

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