One of My Idols

{Images from Kelly Cutrone’s page on Facebook}
I hope all of you know who Kelly Cutrone is. If not, you should. Ever since I first saw Kelly Cutrone on The Hills (yes I know I just said I saw her on The Hills, but keep reading) Kelly’s ideas and business tactics have intrigued me. I continued to watch The City and Kell on Earth because I always wanted to know more about Cutrone’s life. 
Then this past summer I read If You Have to Cry Go Outside and Other Things Your Mother Never Told You by Kelly Cutrone, and I loved it. The book is full of both funny and serious advice. This book is perfect for girls in high school, college, and entering the workforce. 
Kelly tells the truth about life and the way things work. If you know anything about Kelly you know she doesn’t sugarcoat the way she feels, and this book is no different. Kelly goes farther than most by not only telling you to fight for your dreams, but also how to go about doing it. She inspired me to really pursue my dreams even though I’ve been told they won’t come true.
~ Caroline
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